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Empowering Peak Performance. Enhancing Success.

Helping executive & entrepreneur leaders 10X their focus & impact through a proven operating system.

Investment – $8,000

1 : 1 Performance Coaching Program

The gap between the level we’re currently operating & the level we know deep down we’re fully capable of, represents our potential.

All leaders face the problem of focus – removing focus from the areas that don’t align with top priorities and enhancing focus in the areas that do.

Why does this problem exist for so many? A lack of systems.

Our 1:1 program is designed to solve the focus problem for executive leaders – helping them identify their most important priorities & install a proven system to generate 10X focus & impact.

We are the first to admit this program is not for everyone. There is significant action required, but these actions will generate superior results, getting leaders to where they want to be, faster than other programs.

Client-Centric Focus

Results are the ONLY thing that matters. We go above and beyond to ensure our incentives are fully aligned with our clients. We don’t stop working until our clients are fully satisfied with their results.

Maximum Flexibility

Weekly and bi-weekly session options available.

We offer a Pay-As-You-Go structure so that our mutual incentives remain fully aligned throughout the engagement period.

Easy opt-out. If you don’t feel we’re on track to achieve your goals, we want to make it easy for you to fire us. 

Value Promise

This system is proven and tested, which is why we’re confident in our 2 x 2 value promise:

  1. We WILL create clear, impactful objectives that will generate transformative results.
    1. We WILL install an operating system to help leaders 10X their focus & impact through tracking, measuring, & greater accountability to key priorities that are dependencies for objective achievement.

    We guarantee a 2X return on your investment, or we work with you for FREE!

    Your investment includes:

    • Twelve, 60-minute 1:1 performance coaching sessions

    • Weekly action steps recap assessment

    • 1-1-1 Reflection Protocol

    • Pre-Mortem Exercise
    • Objective & Key Priority System

    • Self-Awareness Accelerator Review

    • Success : Happiness Alignment Audit

    • Vision-Milestone-Initiative-Actions System

    • 360-degree Leadership Assessment

    • Birthday Toast Exercise

    Ready To Commit To Your Future Success?

    Schedule your discovery call to kickstart your best chapter yet.
    Investment – $4,000 / month

    Business Accelerator Program

    EVERY business faces a similar challenge – the need to do more, at an increasingly higher quality, with fewer & fewer resources.

    This business accelerator program is designed to help business leaders, owners / founders, and entrepreneurs to accelerate performance, scale their growth, and create operating leverage.

    The unique approach of this program is offering businesses a strategic partnership, blending together the benefits of business coaching, strategic advising, and consulting to generate the awareness, clarity, and actions that will enhance performance.

    The Business Accelerator Program has three operating segments:

    Phase 1 – Grow

    Niche Deep-Dive Evaluation

    Operating Values & Principles

    Unit Economics & Key Performance Indicators
    Performance Mindset Coaching milestones and goals
    Pre-Mortem Strategic Review

    Long-Term Vision : Short-Term Priority Alignment

    Objective & Key Priority (OKP) Integration

    Phase 3 – Optimize

    Operating Leverage Audit

    1-1-1 After-Action Reflection Protocol

    The ‘new’ CEO Review

    Your investment includes:

    • Minimum six-month commitment

    • (2) 90-minute sessions per month

    • Objective & Key Priority (OKP) System Installation

    • Concierge-level access between sessions via phone, text, & email 

    • Supplemental meetings available upon request

    • Full access to Performance Mindset program catalogue

    Who is the Business Accelerator For?

    The growth accelerator is built for early-stage businesses, high-growth organizations & high-potential startups looking to scale to the next-level.

    This program is designed to support organizations with business coaching, strategic advising, and consulting within a 3-phased engagement. Benefits include:

    Business Coaching

    Helping business leaders & founders gain clarity by offering unique perspectives for aligning strategy, operations & culture to enhance performance.

    Strategic Advising

    Assisting businesses with identifying & leveraging opportunities for growth, while delivering recommendations based on professional & personal experience.


    Generating value to business leaders by prescribing organizational-specific solutions, while helping leaders spot areas of improvement around the biggest challenges facing the business.

    Looking for more information?

    If it wasn’t worth the risk, you wouldn’t be here.

    Hesitation is normal. It means more information is necessary to soothe the ‘what if’s’. We’ve taken the time to provide answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. Not just to give you the confidence to start but the permission to choose yourself. Explore our frequently asked questions or reach out for a one-on-one conversation about your goals.