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Explore the Performance Mindset Coaching Programs

The best investments we make, are the investments we make in OURSELVES

Investing in your self-development is a life-long, sustainable competitive advantage. 

If you’re ready to leave the status quo… If you’re looking for transformational insights that will accelerate your path to your next best version… We want to be your co-pilot helping you develop the route to get there.


12-Session, 1 : 1 Performance Coaching Program

A “performance mindset” is the next level to a growth mindset, with a focus on taking deliberate action to achieve next-level results. Cultivating a performance mindset is the intentional approach to installing the systems, tools, & frameworks that lead to enhanced performance.

Client-Centric Focus

Aligning intentions is a must. We offer flexible installment payment options and a frictionless opt-out clause to remove risk for clients. Pressure is a privilege, and we want each participant to feel confident in their choice and future during every step of the program.

Payment & Installment Options

  • Weekly and bi-weekly session options available.

  • We offer a Pay-As-You-Go structure so that our mutual incentives remain fully aligned throughout the engagement period.

The Performance Mindset Value Promise

Our proprietary method is proven and continuously tested, which is why we’re extremely confident in our 2 x 2 value promise:

  1. Together, we WILL discover transformational insights that will accelerate your growth.
  2. We will implement the systems & tools to get you to your destination, FASTER. Saving you more of your most precious commodity – time.

We’re committed to achieving a 2X return on your investment by the end of our engagement, or we work with you for FREE!

Your investment includes:

  • Twelve, 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Weekly session recaps capturing insights, key takeaways, and action steps

  • Growth Accelerator Tool

  • 3-2-1 Reflection Tool

  • 3-OUT Success Program
  • Success : Happiness Alignment Audit

  • The Altitude Planning System

  • The CEO of YOU Program

  • Pre-Mortem Exercise
  • Birthday Toast Exercise

Ready To Commit To Your Future Success?

Schedule your discovery call to kickstart your best chapter yet.

4-Session, Leadership Mastermind Performance Group Program

The Performance Mindset Mastermind Series is a 4-week interactive engagement combining group coaching, peer-to-peer learning, and an actionable program that accelerates professional growth. While still a financial commitment, this series offers a valuable roadmap to achieving goals at a faster pace.

The Performance Mindset Mastermind Course empowers busy executive leaders to achieve more, and break through stagnancy, with less frustration.

We do this by improving five key areas that are most responsible for preventing new levels of success.

  • Awareness
    Build better awareness of your superpowers, development areas, what makes you thrive, and where you most need work.
  • Clarity
    Create greater clarity around your blindspots, biases, and limiting beliefs – How do you define success and happiness?
  • Milestones and Goals
    Implement a crystalized roadmap of your long-term goals & vision with supporting milestones.
  • Thought Partnership
    Access a strategic thought partnership system to help stretch your thinking, enhance perspective, and help you problem-solve through a different lens.
  • Accountability
    Install an external accountability system that helps you stay on track to achieve your milestones and targets.

Your investment includes:

  • Four, 60-minute mastermind group meetings

  • Exclusive content & education framework delivered to your inbox weekly
  • Interactive “executive roundtable” format to benefit from the cohort’s collective wisdom
  • Weekly proprietary coaching program to help attendees take immediate action
  • A Bonus 1:1 individual session with Aaron.
  • Training Presentation of Coaching Tools featuring an AI Presenter

Who is the Mastermind Series For?

In every room, team, and group, the 70-20-10 mindset rule generally applies.

The 20% have a STATUS QUO MINDSET — they’re open about not looking to grow and develop, and they prioritize staying exactly where they are, in their comfort zone.

The 70% identify with a GROWTH MINDSET publicly — they’re not open about the fact they’re not taking action. They want to take action, even aspire to improve and develop, but they either don’t know how or are not willing to act.

The Mastermind Series is built for the top 10% — the PERFORMANCE MINDSET group. The differentiator with this group is their desire and willingness to take significant action to achieve remarkable results. This program is a room filled with 10% leaders driven and ready to engage with other action-oriented individuals.

Looking for more information?

If it wasn’t worth the risk, you wouldn’t be here.

Hesitation is normal. It means more information is necessary to soothe the ‘what if’s’. We’ve taken the time to provide answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. Not just to give you the confidence to start but the permission to choose yourself. Explore our frequently asked questions or reach out for a one-on-one conversation about your goals.