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Zone of Average

February 19, 2024

The phenomenon known as the the “Zone of Average” is a deceptive comfort zone where things seem to be going “well enough” that the sense of urgency for change, growth, and improvement is significantly dulled. It’s a place where complacency becomes a silent killer of ambition, and where the status quo reigns supreme over the pursuit of excellence.

The Danger Hiding in Satisfaction

At first glance, operating within the Zone of Average might not seem like a dire situation. After all, if things are going “well enough,” why rock the boat? The danger, however, lies not in the present, but in the future. In today’s ever-changing business landscape, settling for average is essentially falling behind. Innovation, disruption, and competition are relentless, and what’s considered “average” today, might very well be obsolete tomorrow.

The Zone of Average creates an illusion of safety & security. It masks the urgency for growth and blinds us to the opportunities that lie just beyond our comfort zones. It’s human nature to resist change, especially when it requires stepping into the unknown. However, history and research have shown time and again that the greatest achievements and breakthroughs often come from pushing beyond the boundaries of comfort.

The Path to Continuous Improvement

Breaking free from the Zone of Average requires a deliberate shift in mindset and culture, both personally and organizationally. It’s about replacing the comfort of “good enough” with a relentless pursuit of “even better.” Here are 5 strategies to prevent the zone of average from setting in:

  1. Set Stretch Goals: Aim beyond what you think is possible. Stretch goals challenge you to outdo your best, not just meet a standard.
  2. Build a Culture of Curiosity: Encourage a culture where questioning the status quo is welcome, and innovative, ‘outside of the box’ ideas are celebrated. Innovation is not just about big breakthroughs; it’s about constant, incremental improvements.
  3. Invest in Learning and Development: Continuous improvement is fueled by continuous learning. Investing in personal and professional development not only enhances skills but also keeps you agile and adaptable.
  4. Seek Feedback: Constructive feedback is invaluable for improvement. Aggressively seek feedback from peers, mentors, and even customers to gain insights into areas of potential growth.
  5. Celebrate Progress, Not Just Results: Recognize and celebrate the effort and progress towards goals, not just the achievement of them. This reinforces the value of the journey towards continuous improvement.


Falling into the Zone of Average is a risk that no individual or organization can afford in the dynamic and competitive world we operate in. It’s about making the leap from being good to being truly great. Never settle for average when exceptional is within our reach.

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